History of the Australian Podiatry Association NSW

History of the Australian Podiatry Association NSW


The first record of a full-time practitioner operating in New South Wales is contained in an advertisement which appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald of 4 January 1862.

Attempts to organise a body of chiropodists began in 1924, with the formation of the Australian Society of Chiropodists and Practipedists. By 1927 this Society had become defunct and another group was formed called the Australian Institute of Podology of NSW, which established a foot clinic in Oxford Street, Sydney. Interest waned in the group, but the principal force behind these efforts, Mr William B Kubig, established the College of Podiatry of NSW in 1932 and this operated successfully for more than twenty years.

On 18 October 1934, another group of practitioners met and inaugurated The Incorporated Institute of Chiropodists (NSW), which obtained a certificate of incorporation on 11 March 1936.

By 1940 there were three chiropodial organisations in NSW, the Incorporated Institute, the College of Podiatry and the Pharmaceutical Chiropodists Society.

In 1946 a break-away group formed themselves into the Australian Guild of Chiropodists and started a clinic at Redfern. Two years later, this group amalgamated with the Society of Pharmaceutical Chiropodists and the College of Podiatry to form the Society of Chiropodists.

The Institute then amalgamated with the Society to form the Australian Chiropody Association (NSW), which was completed when the Governor in Board gave his consent to the change of name on 3 May 1955.

The Chiropodists Registration Act was proclaimed on 1 November 1962.

Early training was conducted by a number of private schools, including the College of Podiatry and then the Institute, which was established on a full-time basis in 1945, although part-time training had been undertaken prior to this date. By the early part of 1947, the Guild was functioning as a training school with a clinic at Redfern, but this was closed after amalgamation with the Institute where all training was continued until 1975 when the Sydney Technical College enrolled its first course.

On 15 September 1976, Board agreed to the change of name from the Australian Chiropody Association to the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW) which was confirmed on 21 February 1978, at an Extraordinary General Meeting when amendments to the Articles of Association were approved. The change of name was registered on 23 May 1978. Prior to this, the Registration Board had approved individual applications for practitioners to use the title "Podiatrist” from August 1974.

On 29 November 1955, it was decided to purchase a terrace house at 446 Elizabeth Street, Sydney. The Institute had used these premises as a clinic, but it was now converted into the Headquarters of the Association. The transaction was completed on 17 July 1956. The present premises at 450 Elizabeth Street, were occupied on 18 March 1993, and officially opened on 13 November 1993.*

In more recent times the Association name was changed from NSW only to NSW&ACT and ACT podiatrists joined the Association. There are now over 30 ACT based podiatrists who are members of the Association.

*These notes have been compiled by Mr Robert D Marshall with the assistance of a History of Chiropody in Australia by Mr R H Montague, M.A.Ch.A. and reprinted from the Australian Journal of Chiropody Nos. 1, 3, 4, 5, 6 (1967), and the Archives of the Australian Podiatry Association (NSW)

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