Want to study Podiatry?

Want to study Podiatry?

To become a podiatrist in Australia, you must complete a Bachelor of Podiatry and be registered to practice.

Post-graduate education, including Graduate Diploma, Master and PhD level courses are available to podiatrists. Qualifications may result in developed expertise in diabetes care, podiatric surgery, or sports medicine.

Podiatry is the profession that deals with conditions affecting the human foot and lower limb.

Podiatrists are educated to diagnose and treat a wide range of foot pathologies. The scope of podiatry practice ranges from the treatment of minor problems, to treatment of ingrown toenails using local anaesthetic and to the treatment of complex structural and functional abnormalities of the lower leg.

Podiatrists work in a variety of locations including community health centres, private practice, hospitals, sports medicine clinics and nursing homes.

To practise as a podiatrist in New South Wales, you need to be registered with the AHPRA. To be eligible for registration you must hold a qualification in podiatry recognised by the Registration Board. Mutual recognition provides for podiatrists from other states and New Zealand to practise in New South Wales.

There are four New South Wales undergraduate degree courses for Podiatry. All courses are four years except for the University of Newcastle, which is three years.

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